24th of March

At Lahti int. dog show under judge Perttu Ståhlberg, FI, our ”HIRO” Goango Black Label

BOB, CACIB, CC, CQ. He was also shortlisted on a group competition to the 6 finalists.

So proud of this young boy, 22 months old. Wow what a day!

30th of March Our "Easter bunny"

Ritailan Great Balls of Fire "Tarmo" 6,5 years. This boy makes me always so proud of him, how can he be so handsome.

21st of April

KSP Club Show for Setters and Pointers, judge Julien Barney, UK

Hiro ”Goango Black Label” BOS, BM-1, and judges choice with excellent head.

6th of May

At Tampere int dog show our "Hiro" Goango Black Label, BM-2, res-CACIB, res-CC with CQ under judge Jenny Miller, UK with a nice critique.

So proud of this boy, who will be 2 years after few week.

17th of May

Our precious boy 2 years already.