News and other stuff 2014

This has been one kind of fall, so many plan has gone awry. We got to the end, however, the winner of exhibitions, though without a workout and we did well.

7th of December

Finnish Winner intdog show Tarmo "Ritailan Great Balls of Fire" BOS, CACIB, CQ, FiW-14 under judge Siv Sandö, Norway


6th of December

Helsinki Winner intdog show Toni "Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star, EXC, Open class-1 under judge Joanna Pronin, FI.



30th of August

Tervakoski int. dog show

"Toni" Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star BOG-2, BOB, CACIB, CQ
"Tarmo" Ritailan Great Balls of Fire BOB, CACIB, CQ
Judge Peter Berchtold, Austria.




16th of August

Valkeakoski all breeds show 
"Tarmo" Ritailan Great Balls of Fire BM-3, CQ
"Toni" Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star BOS, CQ
judge Campbell Ken, Australia.

6th of July

Our boys did well today at Karjaa all breed show, Toni was BOB, BM-1, EXC, CQ and Tarmo BM-2, EXC and CQ.

Thank you to the breed judge Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska, Poland!


29th of June

It was so cold, windy and rainy day at Forssa all breed show and Tarmo didn't want to move at all, but he still got BM2, EXC, CQ with excellent judgement and our Toni was BOB, BM1, EXC, CQ under breed judge Karl-Erik Johansson, Swerige.

12th of May

Now it is confirmed that Tarmo is going to be a dad, and puppies will born around 6th of June. So you can read more HERE.

11th of May

We were off from the showrings almost a year. Today we made a nice comeback with Tarmo and got some great results at int dog show, Royal Canin Show, Helsinki:

"Tarmo" Ritailan Great Balls of Fire BOS, CACIB and his last CC.

Thank you to judge Dorota Witkowska, Poland.




Thank you for these few photos Mikko Marttinen,

24th of March

Tarmos beautiful fiancee has started  her season, and there will be mating soon. So hopefully we'll see many sweet and healthy puppy after few months.

You can read more about this combination HERE

March 2014

We have started to get some training for the few shows, which we are planning to go with boys. We also have some plans, hopefully we'll get enjoy little english setter puppies if our Tarmo will became a father this year.