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19th of December

Welcome our new familymember "Tarmo" Ritailan Great Balls of Fire. Thank you for Maaret Korhonen, kennel Rockshore's for this lovely little boy.


17th - 18th of December

We had a nice trip to Lithuania  2*Int. dog shows ,"Vilnius Winter" & "Christmas Cup" with my "Ukko" Moonset Exterminator:
Moonset Exterminator 2xBOB 2xCACIB 2xCAC, saturday under judge: Vladimir Piskay, Slovakia and sunday under judge: Svitlana Radziuk, Belarus
So now we expecting confirmation to C.I.E title. 



4th of December

Finnish Winner 2011 int. dog show under judge Hannele Jokisilta from Finland:     Moonset Exterminator Best male-2, open class class-1, CQ, res-CACIB.

3rd of December

Helsinki Winner 2011 int. dog show under judge Sean Delmar from Ireland:
Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star Best Male-3, intermediate class-1, CQ, CAC.

13th of November

We were at Vekaranjärvi, there was a Group Specialty for the FCI groups 5, 6 and 7/8. Judge was Marja Talvitie, FI.  Toni "Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star" BOB, CQ, CAC.                         

At the group competition where group 7 & 8 was combined all 3 setters (english, gordon and irish) were in semifinalists, but no one didn't got placement at the end.


3rd of October

We had a nice morning moments at a beach, sun was rising, water was placid and boys were happy. We've taken few nice pictures and boys were swimming, maybe last time at this fall. Winter is arriving soon.





17th of September

Today we were at Hyvinkää, Group Specialty for the FCI groups 1, 7 and 8. Judge was Hannele Jokisilta, FI. Ukko "Moonset Exterminator" BOB, CQ. And at the group competition where group 7 & 8 was combined we were one of  the 6 semifinalists, but no placement at the end.


1st of September

Leeuwarden, Holland. CAC SHOW 2011 for all breeds, judge: Mr. Giulio Bezzechi, IT.  "TONI” Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star  BOB, CAC, EXC.

This day and the success was so big surprise for me and Toni , so great results for this young boy, just 19 months old. And at the group competition we were one of  the 6 semifinalists from 21 dogs of the group 7, but no placement at the end.


We had a great day with my friend Irina Linjala-Hyökki and Blue Baltic’s English setters, just win and win and win. Great results for the Finnish setters.  

2nd of September, Leeuwarden, Holland.

EURO DOG SHOW 2011, judge: Mr. Miguel Angel Martinez, AR

“TONI” Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star INTERMEDIATE CLASS-1, EXC, (cacib class-3)

This day also were great and for me this was so huge experience. Toni got excellent also today and win his own class and then also at the cacib competition he got 3rd place, but there were no best male ring at this kind of competition,  just two from this competition going forward so our competition were ended. 


Blue Baltic’s English setters were taken European winner titles. Great results for the Finnish setters again. Thank you Irina for your company, we had a nice journey with a lovely setters, and also got so huge results there!

16th of August

 Toni "Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star" 19 months.



3rd of August

Moonset E-litters has their birthday, 4 years now. So congratulation to every puppy from E's! Especially of course to our dear Ukko ♥ You're a MAN already! 




24th of July

At Eukanuba int. dog show Helsinki "Ukko" Moonset Exterminator BOB, CACIB, CQ, BIG-2. Thank you for the breed judge Liliane de Ridder- Onghena from Belgium and group judge Harri Lehkonen from Finland. I'm again so proud of my Ukkoboy ♥



                  Photo by Mikko Marttinen                 





16th of July

Our young boy "Toni" Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star is not junior anymore. He's 18 months now.




13th of July

Boys do have fun together 



9th of July

We were at Hyvinkää national all breeds show with ♥ Ukko  Moonset Exterminator and under judge Diane Fenton from Australia: BM-2, Exc, CQ.


2nd of July 

It's Very hot day here again, almost too hot. We were at a national all breeds show at Tuusula with our young one. Under judge Mrs Freda Marshall, UK.            

"Toni" Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star BM-2, Junior class-1, EXC, CAC, CQ.



18th - 19th of June

We made a great journey to Estonia, Pärnu. There was two int. dog shows at the same weekend. We had a nice time there, walking around lovely park areas and the beach, and of course meet some friends around the show rings. Boys were doing nice results there and I got few new tips how to handle them.

Judges were on saturday Malgorzata Wiereniejczyk-Wierzchowska  PL and on sunday Audrone Babianskiene LT. 

Ukko "Moonset Exterminator" on saturday BM-3, Res-Cacib, and on sunday Group-3, BOB, BM-1, Cacib, Cac.



Toni " Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star" on saturday BOB-junior, BM-2, Jun cac, and on sunday BOB-junior, BM-3, Jun cac.




We want to thank you Maaret Korhonen to handling Toni at a best male ring!



2nd of June

We took a part to a setter and pointer clubs club show with our both boys, and there were 130 dogs entry, and it was great sunny summer day.

Under judge Mrs Karen Sillince, UK "Ukko" Moonset Exterminator BOB, BM-1, EXC, CQ, and "Toni" Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star BM-2, Junior class-1, EXC, CQ.

Then under judges Mrs Karen Sillince, UK and Mrs Lynne Sketchley, UK our "Ukko" Moonset Exterminator ♥ BIS-1 ♥ We are so happy and proud.

Thank you for the judges: Karen Sillince and Lynne Sketchley, UK



                  "Ukko" Moonset Exterminator 3 years 10 months





                  "Toni" Sangerfild Wish upon a Star 16,5 months

Of course we had nice time after shows also.







22nd of May

Int. dog show, Hamina, judge: Boris Spoljaric,HR                                            

Moonset Exterminator "Ukko", BM-2, Res-CACIB, Open class-1, Excellent, CQ

Photos from Hamina int. dog show: Jaana Pöllänen, kennel Nattaset










21st of May

Int. dog show, Helsinki, judge: Juha Kares,FI                                                

Sangerfild Wish Upon A Star "Toni", BM-2, Junior class-1, BOB-junior, Excellent, CQ




15th of May

We had a great visit to the airport, it was pleasure to meet Lina there. We wish to her a lovely time there in France again, take care!




8th of May

Int. dog show, Tampere, judge: Vitor Veiga, Portugal

Sangerfild Wish Upon A Star "Toni", Best male-2, Junior class-1, Excellent,CAC, CQ





23rd of April

Int. dog show, Lahti, judge: Ludmila Fintorova, SK                                         Sangerfild Wish Upon A Star "Toni", Junior class-1, Excellent, CQ




25th of March

We have now sold our home, and buyed a new one, and we'll gonna move at the end of April. So that'll keep us busy for a while. Ukko is already almost 3 years and 8 months, and he has wasted his coat to the snow this winter, and now we've started this project called "coat growing to the shows".




Toni has felt 14 months now, and I like to way he grows, slowly and balanced all the time. We had been at the dogs spa now in every second week and boys have had so much fun there, and we'll continue it until the summer has come.




13th of March

We made a journey to Riga, Latvia where was the Latvian Winner 2011 show.Toni "Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star" under judge Alenka Pokorn, SL: Jun1, EXC, JunCAC, BM-3 and Latvian Junior Winner 2011.


                  Photo: Virpi Hållfast

5th of March

We had a great journey at Kouvola with my dear friend Maaret. There was a Group Specialty for the FCI groups 5, 6, 7 and 8.  We had an unexpected moment under judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, FI: Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star "Toni" was BOB and get his first CAC. We are very proud of You Toni!




22nd of February

We were at the dogs spa, and have a great time there. Toni was there at a very first time, and he was swim couple of times with a teacher, then he learned it and enjoy really. Ukko is real swimming master already, he has been there so many times.



5th of February

We got some great news from Setter and Pointer Club, Awards 2010:

Ukko "Moonset Exterminator" is 1# Gordon setter in Finland 2010 and Toni "Sangerfild Wish Upon a Time" is 1# Puppy in Finland 2010!

Thank you for these lovely boys to their breeder kennel Moonset and kennel Sangerfild



New Year has started, and we've just enjoying the winter time together. Toni felt already 1 year in 16th of January, so he's a big boy already, but still so baby.