Here you can meet our setter males Hiro and Amos with their owners.

We live in a small town called Vihti, south part of Finland and do all kinds of stuff with our dogs. We walk a lot in the woods and farmland, doing all kind of fun things with them, and also occasional dog show with Hiro.

Our love with setters started through my husbands parents, who have always had Irish Setters, even breeding a couple of litters in the seventies. This way I came into contact with these joys-of-life for the first time. Still, I wanted something different and while learning about the different setters the Gordon started to feel right, and here we are with Gordons now.

And as setters are like potato chips, you cant have just one or two, but puppy fever is always in the air...

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Henna Tuurna, if there is nothing else mentioned.