21st of January

Turku int. Top Dog Show under jJudge Tiina Illukka FIN, Goango Black Label "Hiro" BOB puppy with price of Honour and an excellent&very promising judgement.

22th of April

Goango Black Label "HIRO" BOS at unofficial Setter & Pointer Club Club Show under judge Sarah Loakes, UK

17th of May

Goango Black Label "HIRO" has his 1st birthday, so our youngster is now one year old. So pleased to have this kid to our family.

20th of May

What an amazing day we had at Helsinki int dog show, our young boy took a BOS place at the breed, BM-1 and got also his first CC under judge mrs. Berri Beare, Ireland. We had a nice time there with great friends and it looks that we'll gonna have many nice show days on this summer.

17th of June

Hiro already 1 year and 1 month old.

18th of June

Kotka int. dog show, Hiro "Goango Black Label" BM-3, CC, CQ and BOB-junior under judge Davor Javor, Croatia.

Once again a great day with nice results and friends!

1st of July

Riihimäki int dog show, judge Juha Kares, FI
Our Hiro " Goango Black Label" BOS, BM-1, CC, CQ

2nd of July

Tuusula all breed show, judge Laurent Pichart. Hiro "Goango Black Label" gained his 4th CC and BM-3.

17th of August

Hiro "Goango Black Label" 15 months

19th and 20th of August

We were on show tournee at Kouvola and Heinola nat. dog shows, and on first day Hiro got 1st place exc at youth class but no placement on a best male ring under judge Michele Ivaldi, IT. On a second day Hiro was BM-2, EXC, CC and CQ under judge Ludovica Salamon, IT.

2nd of September

At Let's Go National Dog Show under judge Sjoerd Jobse,SWE "Hiro" Goango Black Label BOS, CQ and got his 6th CAC. So what can I say, super proud of him and how he has matured 15,5 months now.

This was once again a lovely day with the great company

9th of October

This was a day I never wanted to face on, my heart dog, my soul, my once in a lifetime Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star had time to start his travel to the green fields somewhere over the rainbow bridge.

I'm thankful for every day I've with you, you'll be in my heart forever and no one can ever took that place. God knows we'll miss you forever!

HeJW-10, FiJW-10, LVJW-11, LTW-13 Sangerfild Wish Upon a Star

26 th of November

After a few months break from the shows, Hiro ”Goango Black Label” BOS,CACIB, CC, CQ, BM-1 today at Tampere int. dog show under judge Marko Lepasaar.

What a nice results with this young boy.

10th of December

Our show year is now over, yesterday we were at Nordic Winner show 2017 at Helsinki, and our Hiro "Goango Black Label" got really nice judgement from judge Tino Pehar, Croatia, intermediate class-1, Excellent, CQ.

Thank you Anne Hentunen for this lovely boy, we've had amazing year and now it's time to take a break and grow up in peace as he'll be just 19 months after a one week.

Thank you to whole team Goango for your support, we've had a great moments together.

17th of December

Hiro 19 months.